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A warm welcome to Ladies 4 Golf

We're not so much a club but a friendly network of ladies who enjoy golf and social activities in the Hampshire area.

Quite a number of our members also belong to traditional golf clubs but love being part of our golfing network as they can meet and mix with new ladies from different clubs and be part of a bigger golfing scene, including golfing holidays and short breaks.

New to Golf? We can put you in contact with other golfers which will help you to develop and grow your game. Whatever your golfing standard (let's face it we all have to start somewhere) you can be assured of a warm welcome.

Our club's friendly, informal so join today as it may just change your life.

Good golfing.

Christine x - tel 07876 176792

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What some of our members say about Ladies 4 Golf:

Christine started with us as a beginner but has progressed well and now belongs to a local Golf Club with her handicap coming down nicely.

Pauline is a keen social golfer and is also a member of a Golf Club, but she loves our friendly, informal, 'no pressure' club and particularly the fun holidays

Sue thoroughly enjoys our fun competitions and plays a mean game. She's one of many members who join in our regular golfing holidays

Nicole is a working lady so finds Ladies4Golf a great way to meet and play with other golfers when she manages to find time to play

Chris started to play golf with friends but found one by one they stopped playing so she virtually ended up not playing. She loves our friendly group as there's always someone to play with

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A seasoned golfer or newcomer to golf? Join us today, you'll love being part of our golfers network! .

So, why you should join Ladies 4 Golf:

  • It's a great opportunity to meet new golfing friends
  • You can join in great golf breaks and holidays - in the UK and abroad
  • You'll hear about special offers such as Winter Warmers
  • We give you tips and help on rules and etiquette
  • There's information about Coffee Mornings
  • You can pick up special bargains on equipment and clothes
  • You'll have the opportunity to share the cost of lessons with other members
  • Membership is only £35 for our club year
  • £30.00 Joining fee payable on year one together with £35 annually renewable subscription (year runs May-May)

All in all a great opportunity to be part of a friendly network of golfers

The History of Ladies 4 Golf

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I started Ladies4Golf in 2004, following my own entry into the game. I'd had a few lessons and could strike the ball a reasonable distance. Steve, my coach was extremely patient and very encouraging but I realised having lessons was the easy bit and the difficult part was going out onto a course as a complete novice. The experience was not dissimilar to driving a car for the first time without a driving instructor.

I didn't know anyone who would play with me so I managed to persuade some girlfriends to spare their golfing husbands for a few hours to venture out onto a golf course with me but I was sensitive borrowing friends husbands more than a couple of times!

By now I'd become addicted to the game but I couldn't face joining a traditional golf club whilst still doing air shots and zig zagging round the course. So, in desperation to continue playing my new found sport, I rang as many friends as possible and persuaded them to have lessons so we could learn and play together. It was from this small beginning, that Ladies4Golf was formed.

Over the years Ladies4Golf has grown considerably with many new members finding us and being welcomed into the club. Many of our beginners have gone on to join traditional golf clubs, gain handicaps and forged some lifelong friendships..

So, if you're looking for the opportunity to play with others to improve your game or just play with some sociable ladies then Ladies4Golf is perfect for you. At only £35 p.a. it could open up a whole new world.

Christine x - tel 07876 176792

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